Sunday, March 25, 2012

My dear April...

Oh My Dear April....

Please bring a better package for me..since March is continuously killing my patience.. hu hu....So I wud begging for you, April.... especially on 21st April..... please..please...bring me a thousand bowls of LUCK and Happiness together ...okay ?

Oh My Dear April....

Dah masuk fasa ke dua tahun 2012 ini. Sepatutunya 2012 akan lebih best berbanding 2011..... dan saya telah berusaha sedaya upaya untuk mencapainya. Jadi...sungguh tidak adil jika April tidak memberi saya pulangan yang melegakan hati saya. Pliss..pliss...


I need all these ..., please make my wishessss come true... because i know has to be something really goooood in you to reveal.... ;) err..something like these ??~ ......

  • i need a husband
  • i need a lot lot lots of loves
  • i need a lot lot lots of happiness
  • i need a whole new brand of life
  • i need a lot lot lots of LUCK... ( macam Raja Midas...usik apa pun jadi emas...? ;P tapi tak nak sampai usik nasi pun jadi emas laaa )
  • i need a package of positive people surround me
  • i need to let go all the anger,pain and trauma inside me
  • i need a better life.   
  • and... enough time and space to do all the task given.

Can u see... how crucial my wishes are..?

So..i want u, April 2012.... 
with all your guts...
by hook or by crook
bring those wishes come true.

your Master.
Ima Zahra.

I am serious. Be serious . And do your job.

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