Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tempah Wedding Guest Book yang simple

Sesetengah pengantin mahukan tema yang simple dan elegan menjadi penghias hari perkahwinan. Masing-masing punya citarasa tersendiri. Ima cuba seboleh mungkin merealisasikan impian anda.

Nak tahu tak, sebenarnya kan.. tema simple tak semestinya mudah untuk dibuat. Walaupun bunganya sedikit, atau hiasannya kurang, tetapi masa untuk membuat / men'design' lebih kurang sama dengan tema yang sedikit sarat.

Less is more , katanya :) Ima bersetuju sangat dengan pendapat ni. Kadang2 hiasan tak banyak, tapi material yang ima gunakan, yang berkualiti dan nampak lebih mahal dari harganya. Haaa.. tu yang best dengar tu kan ? ;)

Ni Ima tunjukkan beberapa contoh design wedding guest book yang simple .. selamat mencuci mata ! 







WGB A10 


Kalau ada yang nak tempah, Ima masih buka tempahan. Boleh beritahu warna tema / tema guest book table anda serta design yg dipilih. InsyaAllah, Ima akan buat yang terbaik khas untuk anda. Tak sabar nak gulung kertas <3 <3 <3

Oh ya ! Bagi yang pertama kali melihat design ini, Teknik membuat bunga ini disebut Quilling. Jadi Ima selalu sebut... Quilling Guest Book. :)

Jumpa lagi ...
with love
Ima Zahra

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wedding Guest Book Mint Green and Peach

Ni Ima himpunkan beberapa design quilling yang Ima buat untuk tema mint green & peach. Ada yang wedding guest book, ada yang frame & ada juga stand card. 

Tahun 2014 memang diwarnai dengan warna pastel ini. KC Gift Shop sangat berbesar hati menerima semua order dari pelanggan. Terima Kasih banyak-banyak kerana mempercayai hasil kerja Ima.

Kalau suka, boleh order. Kalau suka, boleh rekomen kawan-kawan. Hehe..

Orait...sekarang ..Selamat mencuci mata ! :)

Frame hadiah kepada pengantin baru. Quilling gambar pengantin lelaki & perempuan beserta ucapan.

Quilling Wedding Guest Book. Kombinasi mint green, orange & yellow.

Quilling Stand Card. Hadiah untuk kekasih barangkali, sweet je ayat dari lagu John Legend

Frame Sambutan Hari Guru

Quilling Wedding Guest Book. Ima suka design ni simple tapi nampak meriah :)

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Take care semua !

Of Isu Cadbury Kejap Halal, Kejap Haram, Jais & Jakim yang tak konsisten

Just nak share status Fb kawan Ima tentang kes-kes panas di Malaysia. Orang atasan mencetus kekeliruan dan mencipta huru-hara. Masyarakat yang jadi mangsa. Sudahlah ilmu diberi seciput cuma, cucuk hidung rakyat kemudian tarik membabi buta.

Apparently Rafael Nadal is a Muslim name (as Muslim as Prem Balasubramaniam is, I'd guess) and that Jais has a right to investigate if he suddenly decides to come over to Malaysia and attend, maybe a mass, in SFX on a beautiful sunday morning. Now, I feel, Jais should just apologise when they make a mistake and not come up with weird excuses. Jais and big brother Jakim seem to be suffering from the dreaded foot-in-mouthtitis disease. All started (lets not forget the bible snatching episode) when a Hindu girl with a very Muslim name decided to get married. And Jais had to barge in and stop the wedding so they can take a statement from the bride. WTF? People in Jais, otak kat bontot? Lost use of your mental faculties 'cos you've been sitting on your arse all day? What if the fine people at Hindu Sangam decide to drag me out of a masjid during friday prayers because I have a Hindu name? What then? What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, is it not?

Now, the case of the "kidnapped" bibles. I seriously don't know whats the issue here. Jais, are your officers walking around with a stick up their arse? Kinky tau! Seriously, if you think that Muslims can be so easily converted by pushing a Bible into their hands then methinks you people have to seriously re-think the agama lessons in schools (not effective especially when 13/15 odd very Muslim sounding boys and men rape a girl). If a Muslim can be so easily swayed, then I suggest you look at the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. Is the faith or akidah of Muslims in Malaysia so brittle that Jais has to turn into a tactical unit and confiscate Bibles? Is that not a tad bit insulting? If Islam is taught well to Muslims ; the right path, not the overzealous, almost taliban like path of Jais and Jakim, I am very sure there is nothing to fear. Having said that, there is no compulsion in Islam, I believe everyone will eventually answer to our Maker. Who are we then to judge when we already have a Judge? Oh, Jais, by the way, a Bible opens from the front to back and is read left to right..... Exactly the opposite of the Al Quran. Also, the Al Quran is in Arabic and starts with the Al Fatihah (read every raka'at during daily obligatory prayers). Because you think Bibles will confuse Muslims. Just saying.

Jais, oh Jais, why not go to Jalan Doraisamy on a busy friday or saturday night and check out the scene there? I can guarantee you will find loads of young chaps and dames with very Muslim sounding names drowning in alcohol as well as drugs, playing tongue olympics at some dark corner in.... Lets say in Blanc Le Club? Or some clubs which host lgbt nights with almost 95% of patrons having Muslim sounding names? How? Xmo siasat? Nape? Because yg tu semua anak-anak datuk? Anak-anak orang kaya? Jais oh jais...... You must really have balls the size of mosquitos if you are willing to 'stand up for Islam and Muslims' by taking advantage of the weak and helpless, like the poor bride. Is Islam not fair? Why then the difference in enforcement? I seriously hope you folks in Jais and Jakim don't breed because you seem to have the IQ of a gnat.

Now, Jakim, aritu Cadbury haram; hari ni halal? Apakah kekangungan (or apakah kekadburian ini) ini? Flip flopping like our beloved Pak jib pink lips? Make up your mind will you? And the NGO's yg nak lebih alim sampai nak buat pertukaran darah, darah tu KKM label haram/halal ker? The blood stored there is also from ah chong/perumal/steven gomez etc and I'm sure they would have partook in some really tasty piece of char siew before they decided to donate blood. So how now? Darah ah chong boleh? Dah makan babi tau! Now that the chocolate is halal, I don't hear any apologies from the people who were against Cadbury. And to say it is a Jewish conspiracy to weaken the Muslims in Malaysia? With Muslims like above, tak perlu konspirasi yahudi. Dah memang bodoh pun.

I guess I'd better put a stop to my rants here. The amount of face palming I do is ridiculously high and why certain people have such low self esteem is beyond me. I know that once I am home, I will have loads of questions to answer. Time and again I have to explain that Islam is not like what these people make it out to be. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is moderate. Islam is progressive. How can I bear witness , especially to my family, when these jokers are out there doing everything that is contrary to Islam? I am not perfect, far from it.... I know I will answer for my shortcomings and I try to live my life the best I can but I feel I have to say something about what is happening around us now. The zealots seem to have a field day. Oh, and before some smart alec decides to say 'kenapa india (i can think of a worse name that these people will have in mind but ill just not pen it) ni bising sangat?'; My name is Prem Balasubramaniam, most people call me Prem, some of my Muslim brothers and sisters call me Adam or Muhammad Adam and I believe I have some right to say the things I have said. I am sure with Ramadan around the corner, these jokers will be up to their tricks again (remember the toilet/canteen incident?). With that, somebody please stop the world, I want to get off. Wallahu a'lam.

Ima sedih dengan keadaan Malaysia.

Uols tahu tak yang kes penagih dadah kat Malaysia ni dah jadi teruk sangat. Polis kat Malaysia sama je macam polis India. Kaki rasuah. Dorang lah penyelamat pil kuda kat kampung-kampung. Sapa buat laporan, ada samseng yang akan datang tumbuk muka & patahkan tangan. 

Parah tau. Ini betul-betul kejadian. Bukan cobaan.

Tolonglah rasa sayu dengan keadaan ini :'(