Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rule Of Life by Wardina Saffiyah

Rule of life #1 You WILL have to feel pain and sadness. So get up, don't worry its normal :)

Rule of life #2 You WILL 'fall' for someone u shouldn't...Slap your face and step back into reality...Oh & turn off those lovey dovey songs!

Rule of life #3 You WILL hve to experience failure & humiliation...Its for u to learn & bcme better after! Yes! No matter 'how' many times..

Rule of life #4 You WILL at 1 point 'not know' something... Don't worry if you don't know, you can always LEARN to then 'know'....1

Rule of life #5 - If you don't exercise you'll just grow fat!

Rule of life #6- If u don't read good literature ur mind will just go rusty! You are what you read! Read trash & gossip..err you sambung..

Rule of life #7- If you don't do your solah/prayers you don't have a right to live... What an arrogant being you are..

Rule of life #8 - when you 'stay' with bad company you'll be just as rotten...

Rule of life #9 - You are what your 'do', not what you 'say' you do...

Rule of life #10- We are all going to die one day, we all want to be happy so be kind and live a life that matters.